Hi guys! Thank you for being together with us throughout this challenging yet rewarding year! Despite all unpleasant surprises, we all had a chance to face a lot of sincerity and kindness – we experienced loads of unreal emotions and reached unimaginable summits! While there are only a few days of 2020 left, we are more than happy to share with you how exactly our year was and what we have planned for the upcoming 2021!

How It All Started?

Before we start, you should know the very beginning of our story… For several years now, we have been cultivating hemp and whole-selling raw materials to our customers worldwide. Yes, you’ve read it right – we grow hemp ourselves! Our professional team, which has over ten years of experience, worked tirelessly to grow the highest quality hemp and later turn the materials into healthy products. Our production process is not limited to one country – the international approach allows us to reach the best results and maintain the highest quality possible! 

By mentioning the highest quality, we mean our extracts are born in Scandinavia – the land of wild and untamed nature has taught us to value everything that our surroundings have given us. We look at the hemp plant with respect and love, so we promised ourselves to create products, which use all parts of the plant and not waste any healthy resources. Here at Biomedicanna, we combine chemistry, modern technologies with alchemy and ancestral wisdom – even our production manager is called Alchemist!

Our passion for hemp soon overtook the hearts of many customers. However, we always wanted to have a closer connection with the end-user, but at that time, whole-selling procedures did not allow us to get the feedback we always wanted. Besides, our own friends and families began to ask for products, which we sold only in large quantities – they were eager to buy the products we produce and distribute. The decision to take this hemp business to the next level at the beginning of 2020 was neither difficult nor long or tiring – we knew we were on the right track.

We created Biomedicanna so we could share!

How We Achieved Our Goals?

‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ when all around you are amazing and passionate people. Our idea to share the power of hemp with others was at first only in the heads of two people sitting in a café. During this year, we managed not only to expand our natural and organic product selection but also to grow the Biomedicanna team. There are now 18 people working each day to spread the love and power of hemp to others as well. Despite uneasy pandemic and unpleasant restrictions, we did not ask anyone to help us – it’s our passion for hemp and wellness, which helped us stay strong and preserve the team.

As mentioned, we are better at supporting others than asking for something in return. Every month we give out a part of our products: to organizations helping oncology patients, to parents who raise children on the spectrum, to animal shelters who give dogs with several psychological conditions a new chance at life, so in general – we help those who cannot afford vital products themselves. Our regular customers also contribute to this noble goal – every product purchased means that we will be able to help an even larger circle of people shortly.

Talking about product purchasing, we executed more than a thousand orders in less than a year. The high quality of our products has helped us grow a loyal customer base, which expands throughout Europe and beyond! Most excitingly – there were zero returned or lost packages, which guarantees that wellness from within has no boundaries and is available to everyone. 

It is no secret that our passion attracts more and more people each day, and we are forever grateful for them. As a thank you, we seek to educate society about the CBD’s benefits for their physical and mental health. We have already prepared more than thirty blog posts ranging from seasonal topics, beauty to animal wellbeing, and active lifestyle. One of our goals is to show everyone that the opportunity to grow and use the hemp plant is unique and widely adaptable. 

Every one of you can witness the growth of Biomedicanna on our social media – Facebook and Instagram. We are eagerly waiting for you to share your thoughts about our products there!

What’s Next?

Our first wish for next year is to live healthily and prosper both as a business and as conscious individuals. We are very concerned about the future of cannabis culture worldwide, so for 2021, we have already planned to introduce our customers to many new products. Let’s keep other details a surprise!

Thank you all again for being together – stay with us next year!

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