CBN Oil Drops (6%)

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Your nightly sheep counting routine ends here and now, giving way to the loveliest dreams of all time. Biomedicanna CBN Oil Drops (6%) smoothly interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system’s receptors to help you wake up rested and have a good night’s sleep.

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Are you feeling tired, yet it seems like falling asleep takes ages? Do you wake up a lot of times during the night? Are you having trouble putting a bright smile on your face in the early morning?

Biomedicanna CBN Oil Drops (6%) are one of the most polished and brilliant drops – here in one little bottle, we put the dreaminess of CBN, calmness of CBD, and energy of CBG. Being a full-spectrum product, these drops also contain small amounts of all-natural components of the hemp plant. Taking all the best benefits of the mentioned cannabinoids, we created a product that can help you in all life situations. To positively affect neurotransmitters and hormones’ function, CBN Oil Drops are perfected to help you improve your mood, energy, and focus! Nevertheless, CBN Oil Drops are usually used to aid various sleep problems such as irregular sleeping cycles and restless sleep. Besides, CBN Oil Drops are used to reduce inflammation and combat various pain.

Biomedicanna CBN Oil Drops (6%) are made from naturally grown certified Cannabis Sativa L. All hemp is organic, supervised by experienced growers and sourced from European farms to offer the highest quality product. Using only two ingredients – hemp seed oil and full spectrum hemp extract – we created potent drops with 400 mg of CBN, 100 mg of CBD, and 100 mg of CBG per bottle. CBN Oil Drops (6%) are carefully mixed and tested to ensure safe and rewarding usage orally – we guarantee this product does not contain any additives or flavouring. Most importantly, it is unrefined.

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