CBG Paste Raw

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Your journey to superb immune system and wellness starts here and now.
Biomedicanna CBG Paste Raw is the most potent hemp product in our store with more than 30% of CBG CBGA per syringe.

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Biomedicanna CBG Paste Raw is made from naturally grown certified Cannabis Sativa L. All hemp is organic, supervised by experienced growers and sourced from European farms to offer the highest quality product. Using only two ingredients – organic shea butter and hemp extract – we created the most potent paste with 1500 mg of CBG per syringe. CBG Paste Raw is carefully mixed and tested to ensure safe and rewarding usage orally – we guarantee this product does not contain any additives or artificial flavouring. Most importantly, it is unrefined.

Biomedicanna CBG Paste Raw is our strongest product – this makes the paste perfect for people who are already advanced with our other products and hemp extract. We advise using paste only when battling oncological diseases or having other serious health issues such as Parkinson’s. Consistent and correct usage adds a lot to a more robust immune system and overall wellbeing – the paste helps ease chemotherapy side effects and reduce pain, yet we encourage people to use it gradually.

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