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Hemp & CBD

New Hero in Town – CBD Successfully Kills Bacteria

While in various parts of the world, there are still concerns whether or not we should legalize recreational cannabis, people been long using hemp to heal multiple pains and improve their life quality. However, we could probably count the years or decades back when hemp began living its actual glory days. Technological development helped scientists […]

What Challenges Did 2020 Bring Us, and What’s Next?

Hi guys! Thank you for being together with us throughout this challenging yet rewarding year! Despite all unpleasant surprises, we all had a chance to face a lot of sincerity and kindness – we experienced loads of unreal emotions and reached unimaginable summits! While there are only a few days of 2020 left, we are […]

When in Doubts Call CBD Mythbusters!

Even the simplest and most rewarding things can often raise the most questions, so naturally, the myths surround them like a dark cloud of rain. Cannabidiol products fall into the category of controversial and subtle topics, which many people know nothing about. As false information tends to spread incredibly fast, it’s up to the people […]