Love Yourself With Beauty

Biomedicanna is all about beauty and health which is inspired by the hemp plant and all its good properties.


Body Treatment

CBD hemp oils and cosmetics are an excellent means of physical rehabilitation for stress and pain relief.

Face, skin and hair Treatment

Cosmetics, shampoos, face masks with hemp are products with an exceptional effect that are definitely worth trying.


CBD products have a calming, relaxing, sleep-improving effect. ship to all European countries.

Lates product

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Several ways of use

Body Message

Getting a CBD massage is an amazing experience and could help ease anxiety, pain, skin issues, and even just relax you. 

CBD Oil Facial

CBD increases hydration and moisture, and helps diminish the appearance of longer-term concerns like lines and wrinkles.


CBD is an alternative treatment option for stress and anxiety. Some research suggests CBD is effective for stress.

Efficacy of cannabis products

The hemp plant has unique properties that are fully beneficial to the human body.

Body Treatment 88%
Face Treatment 95%
Relaxtions 79%

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What Clients Say

I have been using CBD gummies for a while now and especially when I feel my migraine coming up to me. This product removes my headaches in no time, helps me with my PMS symptoms. I highly recommend to try it if You have migraines - it may help You, like it helped me!
Modesta Martišiūtė
CBD gummies helped me a lot as a university student studying in a very demanding program. I used them while suffering from depression, anxiety and concentration problems. I started with quarter of gummies and went up to a gummy everyday. For depression, it was easier to get through the day when I ate the gummies. For anxiety, it almost cleared out all the anxious thoughts. And for concentration, it instantly helped me to focus on what I need to do and I was always more productive than usual. I forgot to mention, it also helped me to get quality sleep, I started feeling rested when I wake up, which was a problem before. The taste of gummies was a bit bitter until I get used to them. I finished my first pack today which lasted for almost 6 months and I'll order the second one. Thank you Biomedicanna, my life got easier and more joyful! I just wish there were discounts more often and/or it was more affordable.
Eylül Güleryüz